About us

About us

PPM was founded in 2005 as a little company specialized in maintenance and service for water treatment plants, for civil and industrial use.
The development of our company was based on the follow up of the knowledge of the most innovative water plants' technologies and on the aim o satisfy customers' requirements in every phases of the plants' life, from the project to the maintenance.

he market development and the aim to improve costumers' satisfaction encouraged us to invest in the company's structure and in human resources, acquiring additional business and keeping our profile in line with market's requirements. At present most of our customers belong to the industrial sector.

Our strength is the capability to satisfy every customers' water treatments needs, creating highly personalized solutions, thanks to our wide experience and our know-how. Our service is complete and it's granted by the fact that we directly project and construct all the solutions by ourselves.

In our work we aim to create plants with the most advanced technologies and the best available materials, in order to have always high quality standards and to minimize the environmental impact, producing sustainable plants. Our highly qualified staff supports the customers with care and professionalism in every creation and management plants' phases.

The services we offer to our customers are the desing, the creation, the assistance and the maintenance, included materials and instrumentations supply, of plants for the treatment of primary water, well water, process water, wastewater with the application of the following technologies:

  • membrane microfiltration
  • nanofiltration NF
  • ultrafiltration UF
  • reverse osmosis RO
  • MBR process – membranes bioreactor
  • media filtration (iron and manganese removal, clarification, adsorption, dearsenification, ion exchange, softening, demineralization)
  • surface and deep filtration
  • UV rays sterilization
  • dosing systems